Veselý Kopec

The natural exhibition area in the rugged hilly terrain of about 7 ha presents the original pastoral settlement typical of the Bohemian Horatian region, where small farmers and village craftsmen lived and farmed from the 19th century to the mid-20th century. There are more than 30 exhibition buildings on the premises.
A public footpath runs through the site, and paved access to the buildings is primarily for pedestrians, but the main exhibition buildings can be reached by car (e.g. for supplies, technical support, etc.). There is an electricity connection (220 V in most of the buildings, 380 V in three places, namely in the entrance area and in the lower part - the Wet Lhota homestead and the water mill). Drinking water is provided in the entrance building, where there are public toilets, and in the central part of the site - the building of homestead no. 4, where there is a toilet and bathroom. In the course of 2024, drinking water will also be introduced in the lower part of the site in the farmhouse of Mokré Lhota, next to which new public toilets will be available.
Filming is possible throughout the year, both outdoors and indoors, except on days when visitor programmes are held at Veselé Kopec. These programs are listed on the outdoor museum's website and in the program booklets.

Documentaries, popular science programmes (e.g. Baking on Sunday, Boys in Action, Herbarium), series (e.g. Circus Humberto), films (e.g. Krakonoš's Secret, Lotrando and Zubejda, Immortal Aunt), music videos (e.g. Marek Ztracený - Slowly), etc. can be filmed in the area, even at night. During the filming, authorized employees of the open-air museum are present, who, if necessary and according to the possibilities, react promptly to the crew's requests.
Basic equipment of the objects can be used (e.g. furniture, farm tools, small household items as decoration), in case of more radical treatment of the objects, it is necessary to provide own furnishings (a large part of the collection is part of the CES and is covered by legal protection). Outside of the main visitor season - January to the first half of April, November to the second half of December - the objects are partially cleared out, during which time requests should be made well in advance so that the objects can be prepared within the museum's means.
The premises include a catering facility where refreshments or meals can be provided. Car parking is available on site for as long as necessary, otherwise public parking is available in a car park operated by the municipality of Vysočina (parking for filming can be arranged with the mayor of the municipality). There are other catering facilities near the car park.
Accommodation is available on a limited basis in a private guesthouse directly on Veselý Kopec, more options in the town of Hlinsko 8 km away.

GPS: 49.7613775N, 15.8376442E

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