The Castle Rychmburk

It is a very well-preserved classical castle building - castle buildings surrounding the courtyard, dominant circular tower, entrance bridge to the castle going over the castle moat. The castle was closed to the public for seventy years and served as a social facility. Despite this function, it has not lost its historical attributes both in the exterior and interior - stylish windows, doors. The reconstruction, which has now taken place, aimed to return the selected areas as close to their original state as possible. The building is NOT equipped with historic furnishings and inventory, this allows for a high degree of architectural flexibility in the use of the building. The building has been almost inaccessible for a long time and is therefore completely "unadorned" from the public's point of view...

The castle is situated on a rocky promontory on the outskirts of the village, it is very well accessible for trucks even up to the level of the castle bridge, only cars and vans can enter the building directly for spatial reasons (bridge and castle gate). Due to the original purpose, high power is directly fed into the building. A stylish refreshment area is located directly in the castle courtyard and is able to provide any catering services. There are also completely refurbished toilets in the courtyard. Limited car parking facilities are available directly in the courtyard. The official parking areas are on the forecourt adjacent to the castle, where a limited number of lorries can be parked. Additional parking facilities can be arranged with the municipality of Předhradí within a reasonable distance.

Filming can be carried out at any time of the year by arrangement. Due to its previous use, the castle is equipped with central heating and is tempered all year round. The castle is a cultural monument but is not on the list of national cultural monuments.

The castle has very attractive surroundings, together with the front of the castle - the "Pension" building, the village in front of the castle bridge, the building of the dilapidated castle brewery with clear brewery attributes (it is being prepared for reconstruction), the wooded slope of the castle promontory, the reconstructed stone bridge under the castle - form an independent area with a specific genius loci. Directly in the village of Předhradí there is also a reconstructed church, the park area "Panská zahrada", the castle building "Panský dům", etc.

In the village it is possible to provide both extras - an active amateur acting group, and "extras" of small animals. Due to the location of the site on the outskirts of the village, filming can be carried out both during day and night hours without affecting the running of the village.

Accommodation is not yet possible on location. Due to the attractive tourist area, the surrounding towns offer good accommodation facilities - Skuteč, Proseč, Zderaz - Renospond, Nové Hrady - pension Polanka, etc.

The nearest surroundings offer a wealth of additional attractive locations - flooded quarries, sandstone rocks of Toulovec's mastala, meandering river in the rocky environment of the Krounka Valley, sandstone gorge Pivnice, etc.

The reconstruction of the castle is still partially underway. Rychmburk Castle is owned by the Pardubice Region and currently falls under the Regional Museum in Chrudim.

Address: hrad Rychmburk, Předhradí č.p. 17

GPS: 49.8359047N, 16.0429761E 

Contact person: Ing. Petr Tejkl, Project Manager, 607 263 505



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