Sky Bridge 721, Sky Walk Dolní Morava

SKY BRIDGE 721 AND A TRAIL IN THE CLOUDS - Mountain resort Dolní Morava

The longest suspension bridge in the world, 721 metres long, arching over the valley of the Mlýnický Brook, ambitiously connects two mountain ridges. Combined with a unique range of other summer and winter experiences, it is a place with endless possibilities for fun and entertainment.


The Dolní Morava Mountain Resort with a range of active activities 365 days a year - the four-star Vista Wellness Hotel, mountain guesthouse and chalets, Sky Bridge 721, the Trail in the Clouds, the Mammoth Mountain Coaster, the bobsleigh track, the Trail Park, the Mammoth Park for children, the Adrenalin and Rope Park, the chairlift, ski slopes, the toboggan run and other opportunities for active enjoyment in summer and winter.

Shooting conditions:

Filming on Sky Bridge 721 and the Trail in the Clouds is only allowed outside of official public operating hours (no shutdowns). Filming available - early morning hours and evening hours by appointment. It is necessary to ensure that the side gate is open for passage with filming equipment. Maximum bridge capacity 500 people at one time. All movement with specific equipment or placement on site in consultation with the operator or contractor with regard to safety.

It is ideal to choose the off-season period due to the availability of accommodation, but also due to the lower attendance of the experience sites in question. It is always necessary to plan for seasonality, expected visitor numbers and the surrounding weather conditions.

Sky Bridge 721 cannot be accessed by ATV or other transportation equipment.

Parking and transport:

It is possible to drive directly to the entrance gate to Sky Bridge 721 - in the village of Mala Morava turn right, through the village of Sklené and then along the forest path through Altán pod Slamníkem to Sky Bridge 721. Transportation to the site must be arranged with the resort operator due to the fact that access to the site is subject to the permission of the Forestry Administration, the Protected Landscape Area and other entities.

Sky Bridge 721 can be reached with a van or smaller truck up to 7.5 t, larger vehicles may have problems due to the mountainous terrain.

Transportation around the resort is available by arrangement with the operator only - ATVs, snowmobiles or personal vehicles may be used. The cost of transportation services will be charged.

Electricity connections:

Sky Bridge 721 - distribution box (230 W/ 400 W) at the entrance and exit of the building

Trail in the Sky - junction box (230 W/ 400 W) at the entrance building, junction box (230 W) at the top of the tower at the entrance to the slide. Extension cords can also be provided if needed.

Data connection:

Sky Bridge 721 - data cable (fiber optic/metallic) or WiFi 300 - 600 Mbps depending on the end device, mobile data at this location causes problems.

Trail in the Clouds - data cable (fiber/metal) or WiFi 300 - 600 Mb /s depending on end device, mobile data is normally available.

Interior equipment:

It is possible to use the public attractions and the indoor facilities of the Wellness Hotel Vista. Everything can be arranged based on the previous point scenario.


Full catering for the crew can be arranged in a variety of formats according to a set budget.

Staff Accommodation:

It is possible to arrange accommodation according to the available accommodation capacities in the four-star Wellness Hotel Vista, in the Terezka guesthouse or in the mountain chalet Marcelka or U Slona. Accommodation is standard with breakfast.

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