Military Museum Králíky

The museum has been open to visitors since 1 July 2010 with the basic installation of its exhibitions. Their further creation, expansion and completion is ongoing.

The building concept of the museum with a connection to the operational needs of the institution, modern architecture and the concept of expositions, together with additional interactive elements, make the Military Museum Králíky one of the most modern museum institutions in the Czech Republic.

The museum complex consists of:

- Parking for 47 cars and 3 buses.
- An administrative building with an entrance hall and a ticket office (shop and information centre), representing the entrance area to the exhibitions.
- An exhibition hall with an exhibition area of 2,400 m2.
- Depository for storage of exhibits with an area of 400 m2.
- Outdoor shelter for large exhibits adjacent to the exhibition hall.
- Workshop for reconstruction of equipment and exhibits.
- Two stands for washing equipment at the exit to the demonstration polygon.
- A former administration building at the entrance to the site, used as a clubhouse and facilities for the museum's volunteer staff.
- A working replica of a First Republic military hut (barracks) for 120 men in front of the entrance to the demonstration polygon.
- Polygon - demonstration area for dynamic and static demonstrations of various kinds and for holding other events - with a natural grandstand for spectators.

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