L'Art centrum + Langerova vila Lanškroun

L'Art Multifunctional Centre - Thanks to its variability, it is suitable for concerts, theatre performances, talks, entertainment shows, balls, conferences and many other events with a maximum total number of 600 visitors.

Langer's Villa - It is used for teaching courses, organizing chamber acoustic concerts, weddings, conferences, celebrations, etc. It was renovated in 2018 and now boasts several lounges, a language classroom, a music room as well as offices for the Cultural Centre. The front part of the current LArt Multifunctional Centre was built in 1885. The imposing, representative villa served as a family residence for the family of the Lanškroun native and entrepreneur Rudolf Emil Langer, a manufacturer of silver and goldsmith's wares. A goldsmith's factory was also adjacent to the villa. In the 1950s the goldsmith's workshop was rebuilt into a social house. Since 2019, the villa, together with the new hall, forms the LArt Multifunctional Centre.


Kulturní centrum Lanškroun
Multifunkční centrum LArt
Nádražní 335
563 01 Lanškroun

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