Choltice Chateau

The Choltice Chateau is located near Pardubice. The chateau is an early Baroque building from 1683 - 1695.

The exterior is divided by Tuscan pilasters, the windows on the first floor are still in the Renaissance style and are framed with rectangular mouldings and have typical ears with drops for this early Baroque style. Above them, the branching triangles and segments alternate like suprafenesters. From the courtyard there are arcades in the west wing - they were glazed at the beginning of this century. Carriages could be driven through the ground floor. The rooms are vaulted with ridge vaults. There would have been a sala terrena on each side of the chapel. However, as only half of the building is complete, there is only one. It is decorated with stucco ornaments and figures with pebble mosaic. It has a compressed vault. The Sala Terrena was later converted into a dining hall, then into a conservatory. In the newly built chateau, in 1672, the Count and Countess established a pharmacy.

The chapel of St. Romedius (1786) was built in the south wing of the castle. Today it is a parish church. The entrance to the chapel is from the courtyard and consists of Tuscan columns with a balustrade. The chapel is an octagonal structure, divided inside by pilasters with canellations and pipes interrupted by winding vines and cherubs. The pilasters transition above a massive cornice into semi-columns with Corinthian capitals to the dome, which is topped with a rectangular lantern. On the cornice in front of the semi-columns are statues of Peter and Paul, the four evangelists and the four teachers of the Church. This gives the chapel its apparent height - the chapel measures 24.5 metres.


St. Romedios Chapel
Salla terrena
archaeological exhibition
the castle's baroque pharmacy
library with reading room
exhibition of weapons
musical instruments
dining room
ceremonial hall
trophy staircase

GPS: 49.9856900N, 15.6185964E


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