Chateau Hospital Kuks

National cultural monument. The unique Baroque complex of the former spa, hospital with the Holy Trinity Church and the original pharmacy was founded at the end of the 17th century by František Antonín Špork. 

The hospital - the main tour takes you to the interior of the Kuk hospital, including the former main hospital hall, the Holy Trinity Church, the sacristy and the Baroque pharmacy. The pictorial decoration also introduces the personality of F. A. Špork. There are also murals on the theme of the "Dance of Death". It is a series of fifty paintings that depict the equality of people in the last moment of life.

In the lapidarium you can see the original allegories of the Twelve Virtues and Twelve Vices by the most important Czech Baroque sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun. You can also visit the Czech Pharmaceutical Museum with its rarely preserved original pharmacy. The hospital also has a garden where herbs, medicinal plants and an orchard are grown.

In 2013-2015, the Baroque grounds, garden and adjacent outbuildings were completely renovated.

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