Brewery Rychmburk Předhradí

The brewery is situated in the foreground of Rychmburk Castle. The perimeter buildings of the brewery, the lager cellars, the new chateau and the tenants' residential buildings forming an L-shaped whole are built directly on a part of the walls, while the malthouse stands separately and closes the courtyard from the south. Opposite the malthouse, at the entrance to the courtyard, there are separate stables, between them and the brewery there is a small terrace with a fence over the castle moat. The brewery courtyard is enclosed by an enclosure wall, originally with two entrances. The original old churchyard, linked both operationally and spatially, forms a wing extending beyond the enclosed yard to the south-west, again on the town wall.

The brewery consists of a collection of operationally linked buildings of varying ages. The main brewery building (no.18) dates from 1686 with lager cellars, new and old grove and tenants' building. Part of the 16th century castle complex.

Addresss: Předhradí 18,  53974 Předhradí

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