Betlém Hlinsko - Muzeum v přírodě Vysočina

The Betlém Hlinsko Folk Architecture Monument Reserve is located in the centre of the town of Hlinsko. It offers mostly timbered buildings, which were built by small craftsmen from the middle of the 18th century. The original predominant craft of the local inhabitants was pottery, at the end of the 19th century weaving became predominant. In the early 20th century, Bethlehem became home to families of factory workers. The Museum in the Highlands Nature Reserve manages 12 exhibition and operational buildings, as well as private buildings, guesthouses and catering facilities. It is open all year round.
Several paved paths, primarily for pedestrians, run through the monument reserve; vehicles can also enter the area with permission (e.g. for supplies, technical security, etc.). There is an electricity connection in the buildings of the open-air museum (220 V in all buildings, 380 V in one building in the centre of the conservation area). There are also public toilets. There are several catering and accommodation facilities within the nature reserve, others are located in the vicinity.

Documentaries, popular science programmes, series, films, etc. can be filmed in the area of the monument reserve. During the filming, authorized employees of the open-air museum are present, who, if necessary and according to the possibilities, respond promptly to the crew's requests.
Filming is possible throughout the year in exteriors and interiors, except for days when the Highlands Open-Air Museum holds visitor programmes or events organised by the town of Hlinsko. These programmes are listed in the programme booklets and on the websites of the open-air museum and the town respectively.
It is possible to use the basic equipment of the objects (e.g. furniture, farm tools, small household furnishings as decoration), in case of more radical treatment of the objects it is necessary to provide your own furnishings (a large part of the collection is part of the CES and is covered by legal protection).

Address: Příčná 466, 539 01 Hlinsko v Čechách 1

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